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Custom GIS Services and Solutions

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Mountain View Business Group is the steward and lead developer of EMDS for the USDA Forest Service. EMDS is a unique solution which implements a framework to support the functions of a spatial decision support system (SDSS). EMDS is designed to support natural resource and ecosystem management.  Classic EMDS workflows uses fuzzy logic to make objective, scientific assessments of the ecosysten and then uses MCDA to subjectively prioritize management scenarios for decision makers.

Custom GIS Programming

Mountain View Business Group has over 20 years of ArcGIS desktop and server development experience.

Environmental Modeling

We have over 40 years of building models for analysis for a wide variety of industries and governmental institutions to assist with determining current conditions and planning for future changes.

Consultative Training

Our company has a team of specialists which can train your staff to build and maintain geospatial programs.